[Безопасность] AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Premium 5.0.0 WIN32

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    AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Premium 5.0.0 WIN32

    AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Premium 5.0.0 WIN32 | 35.5 Mb

    Firewalls, Proxy servers, IDS/IPS, and VPNs are important perimeter security tools that protect your network from attacks, intrusions and other threats. These security tools generate a huge quantity of traffic logs, which can be mined/analyzed to generate a wealth of security and bandwidth reports. Use the bandwidth reports to control the usage of bandwidth for business purposes. Use the security reports to secure your enterprise network proactively from external threats.
    ManageEngine® Firewall Analyzer is a web based, agent-less, firewall log analysis and reporting software. The software application monitors, collects, analyzes, and archives logs from enterprise-wide network perimeter security devices and generate reports. The devices are, Firewalls, Proxy servers, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) (see complete list of devices supported). Two prominent features of the application are network monitoring and Firewall reports.

    Security Event Management Features

    • Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring
    • Employee Internet Monitoring
    • Firewall Rules and URLs Monitoring
    • Firewall Alerts & Notifications
    • Firewall Alert Administration
    • Firewall Reports
    • VPN Reports
    • Proxy Server Reports
    • Network Security Reports
    • Custom Reports
    • Ad-hoc Reports & Scheduling Reports
    • Raw Log Search and Reports
    • Historical Trend Analysis

    Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista

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