[Дизайн] Adobe Photoshop CS 4 Portble + Adobe Bridge CS 4 Portable

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    Adobe Photoshop CS 4 Portble + Adobe Bridge CS 4 Portab

    [​IMG] Description: Create powerful images with the professional standard Adobe Photoshopï CS4 software provides improved access to its unrivaled power through a more intuitive user experience, greater editing freedom, and significant productivity enhancements. Did you know There's a solution for pro photographers Buy Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom together and you can import, process, manage, edit, composite, and showcase your images and save up to US$125. Working with images is now easier Navigate around images more naturally with fluid canvas rotation and enhanced pan and zoom tools. Education discounts are available As a student or educator, you qualify for education pricing. See the full list of products available for purchase. DNG raw format is supported The DNG format helps promote archival confidence, since digital-imaging software solutions will be able to open your raw files more easily in the future.





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