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    HTML clipboard Rapidshare Plus 4.0

    Rapidshare Plus 4.0 - size 5 MB
    Rapidshare Download Manager for Free Users

    This is a program that downloads a queue of Rapidshare links easly and with great speed.​
    1) Just add them or use the paste function.
    2) Select the folder to download to.
    3) Sit back and watch it download automatically​


    Queue Autosave
    Advanced error-handeling
    Paste Function Improvment
    Minimize to tray function
    Change directory in the Queue
    Autoexecute in the Queue
    Preffered download server
    Add a Rapidshare linklist

    the next functions you can find in the menu under Config => Options...​
    An autoexecute function
    Scheduler was moved to the config screen
    Balloon Notification
    Start Downloading on startup
    Start minimized
    Choose the retry timeout​

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