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    7 ноя 2007
    книга о том как писать релкаму в форме манускрипта/письма:

    "Finally ... A Simple, Step-By-Step Recipe That Creates Hot-Selling Sales Letters As Easy As 1-2-3"
    Relax and follow a simple step-by-step recipe that makes it unbelievably easy to create a winning sales letter.

    +Explode your sales with a compelling sales letter that you easily assembled -- step-by-step.
    +Pump up your reader's desire with a number of powerful bullets that energetically showcase your report's benefits.
    +Unleash the power of the Internet to make money for you, by hooking your readers with all the right words.
    +Have fun telling a story. Pull your readers deep into your sales letter, pique their interest, and pull them down towards another sale.
    +Discover a trio of great methods for getting testimonials for your sales letter. Use social proof to ramp up the number of readers who click that "Buy Now" button.
    +Build the perceived value of your report to the point where paying $7 for it is a total no-brainer.
    +Put your reader at ease with a properly worded and reassuring guarantee. Break down the final barrier to a sale.
    +Command your reader's act to buy with a powerful call-to-action. Get your hands on the just-right words that push your reader to click and buy.
    +Gain your reader's trust and willingness to buy from you, with a few simple trust-building exercises.
    +Pull in a ton of sales with a well-crafted sales letter that moves your website visitors down a well-greased slide, directly to your "Buy Now" button.

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