[Наши релизы] Actualanalyzer Pro v6.51 PHP Nulled script

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    Actualanalyzer Pro v6.51 PHP Nulled script
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    Actualanalyzer Pro v6.51 PHP Nulled script
    download Actualanalyzer Pro v6.51 PHP Nulled script .zip

    ActualAnalyzer Pro — the professional solution for medium and large business web sites. The ability to collect high detailed statistics about each separate page of web site will help you effectively manage the overall Internet strategy and direction of company, successfully optimize and develop him.
    General abilities
    ActualAnalyzer Pro is written on PHP and uses a MySQL database to achieve a high performance.
    This powerful web statistics tool is equally effective for websites with a high amount of traffic as well for websites with lesser traffic.
    The support for multi-pages coupled with the support for multi-groups allows receiving high detailed statistics for each separate page and delivers combined statistics for each logical group of pages.
    The support of domain aliases and sub-domains allows tracking any hierarchical structure of a website.
    The various forms of reports coupled with the different types of graphic visualization deliver the necessary statistics for your website in the most convenient view.
    Export of the reports allows to customize final reports in the favorite editors and/or transfer the collected information to external databases.
    Main features
    Here is just the short list of features of ActualAnalyzer Pro:
    Runs directly on your server, nothing is sent to other servers.
    Web interface with authentication for administration and view.
    Easily group pages together to get statistics for each logical part of the website.
    Detailed visits statistics (referrals, search terms etc.) for each page and each group of pages of website separately.
    Additional graphic reports (3D graph, 3D pie chart, 3D bar chart) for a better visualization of statistics.
    Export of reports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and to CSV format.
    Friendly names of the pages for reports.
    Buttons with live statistics.

    Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/mhwn0dm3x
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