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  1. marader

    marader Создатель

    28 окт 2008
    Решил поковырять немного zwf
    если у когонибудь есть книжки буду благодарен
    Желательно на английском - можете просто называть названия книг дальше нагуглю
    + мой вклад небольшой

    php_architect's Guide to Programming with Zend Framework.pdf
    Zend Framework in Action.pdf
  2. mp3debuger


    27 дек 2006
  3. pevae

    pevae Создатель

    28 май 2009
    BangMan нравится это.
  4. mp3debuger


    27 дек 2006
    Дабы не созавать новую тему решил апнуть тут. Вот раскопал новую книгу по зендфрамеворку. Правда она скорее всего для новичков.
  5. mp3debuger


    27 дек 2006
    И ещё одна книга по зенду:


    John Coggeshall, Morgan Tocker, "Zend Enterprise PHP Patterns"
    Apress | 2009 | ISBN: 1430219742 | 280 pages | PDF | 3,9 MB ​

    Zend Enterprise PHP Patterns is the culmination of years of experience in the development of web-based applications designed to help enterprises big and small overcome the new challenges of the web-based application world and achieve harmony in not only the architecture of their application, but also the entire process under which that application is created and maintained. Taken directly from real-life experiences in PHP application development, Zend Enterprise PHP Patterns will help you
    Utilize open source technologies such as PHP and Zend Framework to build robust and easy-to-maintain development infrastructures.
    Understand Zend Framework and its philosophical approach to building complex yet easy-to-maintain libraries of functionality for your application that can scale with your needs.
    Benefit through an in-depth discussion of tools and techniques that can significantly enhance your ability to develop code faster, fix bugs, and increase performance.
    What you’ll learn
    Understand how to build your applications and configure your production environments (both the web server and database servers) to maximize performance while enabling them to scale to meet your performance needs.
    Learn how to build PHP-based libraries that solve your needs without falling into the trap of over-architecturing while leveraging powerful tools like Zend Framework to reduce development time.
    Understand the importance of PHP application security and the most common security threats, but more importantly, how to incorporate a security focus into your entire development life cycle.
    Learn how to use tooling to gather metrics and identify performance bottlenecks in your application to maximize performance.
  6. BasTaller

    BasTaller Постоялец

    29 янв 2009
    Первая книга старая безумно.
    Вот, ещё одна книженция посвежее.
    Forrest Lyman. Zend Framework Techniques. Build a Full CMS Project. Apress Pro 2009

    Zend Framework has been designed from the ground up to make PHP development as easy — and fun —
    as possible while promoting best practices and providing an extensible framework for complex
    applications. Content management systems are a particularly important class of applications — after all,
    serving content is what the web does best. As the project lead of the Digitalus CMS project, a commercial
    CMS built on Zend Framework, Forrest Lyman is particularly well-qualified to guide the reader through
    the involved process of building a full-fledged CMS.
    This book reflects the best practices that we have discovered with the help of the Zend
    Framework community over the last four years. Forrest brings our MVC components to life, while
    describing data persistence in detail using Zend_Db_Table and MySQL. Essential components for CMSs,
    such as Zend_Search_Lucene and Zend_Feed, are used to develop ZF modules to implement practical
    use cases. Finally, he covers advanced topics such as performance optimization and designing your CMS
    for extension.
    Those looking for a guide to using the latest components in Zend Framework will not be
    disappointed — Zend_Tool, Zend_Navigation, Zend_Application, and more are put to use in the
    extensive running example CMS application.
    This book is the perfect complement to the documentation that can be found on
  7. morfey2005


    30 янв 2008
    Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development
    By Keith Pope

    •Publisher: Packt Publishing
    •Number Of Pages: 350
    •Publication Date: 2009-10-26
    •ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1847194222
    •ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781847194220

    Product Description:

    Design, develop, and deploy feature-rich PHP web applications with this MVC framework

    •Create powerful web applications by leveraging the power of this Model-View-Controller-based framework
    •Learn by doing - create a "real-life" storefront application
    •Covers access control, performance optimization, and testing
    •Best practices, as well as debugging and designing discussion
    In Detail

    The Zend Framework has a flexible architecture that lets you build modern web applications and web services easily. The MVC components make the maintenance and testing of your applications easier. However, it is not only an MVC framework for developers. It also provides an easy-to-use high-quality component library that is designed to be used the way you want, picking up specific components without requiring the use of whole framework.

    It's easy to get started and produce a powerful and professional looking web site when you've got this book to hand. Taking you through a real-life application, it covers the major Zend Framework components, as well as throwing light on the best practices and design issues faced when building complex MVC applications.

    This book takes you through detailed examples as well as covering the foundations you will need to get the most out of the Zend Framework. From humble beginnings you will progress through the book and slowly build upon what you have learned previously. By the end, you should have a good understanding of the Zend Framework, its components, and the issues involved in implementing a Zend Framework based application.
    What you will learn from this book?

    •Explore the features of Zend Framework's MVC architecture
    •Learn about designing and implementing an MVC application
    •Avoid common mistakes made when first learning an MVC framework
    •Test your applications with the popular PHPUnit framework
    •Interact with a database using Zend_Db and Zend_Db_Table
    •Secure your application using Zend_Acl and Zend_Auth
    •Optimize your application using caching and other performance tips
    •Add administrative functionality to your applications

    This book is an example-driven tutorial that takes you through the process of building Model-View-Controller-based web applications. You will create and develop a storefront application. It also covers common mistakes and best practices that will be helpful for developers.

    Who this book is written for?

    This book is for PHP web developers who want to get started with Zend Framework. If you are already using this framework, you will learn how to use it in the best way and produce better applications.

    Basic knowledge of Object Oriented design will be helpful.

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