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  1. warez4to

    warez4to Создатель

    22 ноя 2008
    Видео курсы для новичков на английском продолжительностью более 10 часов. Издатель Перейти по ссылке

    Building Websites with Dreamweaver -2,5 часа

    Begin building standards-based websites in 3 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner to intermediate users.

    Popular highlights include:

    * Site and FTP Settings * Remote Views
    * Designing with Tables * CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    * Library Elements * Modifying Behaviors
    * Swap Image Effects * Pop-up Windows
    * Binding XML Data * Flash / Fireworks Round Trip Process
    * Custom Templates * Integrating Flash and Video
    * Design Notes * Reports
    * CGI Scripts

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    Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya - более 7 часов

    Learn a production workflow to creating 3D cartoon characters, look development, and a multitude of time-saving techniques for modeling, UV layout, texturing, and shader assembly. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-based training for artists learning the artistic processes of creating stylized cartoon characters as seen in animated feature films.

    Popular highlights include:

    * Look Development * Adding Appeal
    * Exaggerated Proportions * Adding Detail Strategically
    * Creating Useful Topology * Modeling for Animation
    * Simplifying Shapes * Working from Limited Reference
    * Troubleshooting Edge Flow * Working with Multiple Pieces
    * Working with Multiple Geometry Types * Creating the Illusion of Detail
    * UV Layout * Creating Stylized Textures
    * Generating Color Maps * Generating Bump Maps
    * Generating Specular Maps
    * Alternative Methods to Generating Textures
    * Shader and Material Setup

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  2. parnas

    parnas Постоялец

    27 сен 2007
    Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development |

    Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development | 308 MB
    Running Time: 5.5 hours
    Released on: 12/18/2008

    Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development takes users to the next level in their understanding of the application. David Gassner demonstrates the installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP for Mac OS X and Windows. He also shows how to define sites, integrate ColdFusion and PHP, implement AJAX-style pages with the Spry framework, add visual effects, and present XML-formatted data. David explores Dreamweaver's new features, Live View and Live Code, showing how they can be used to build and test web pages before they go live. Exercise files accompany the course.


    Welcome 1:20 8.5 MB
    Series overview 3:07 2.4 MB
    Using ASP and ASP.NET with Dreamweaver 1:38 1.2 MB
    Installing the exercise files 1:34 1.3 MB

    1. Understanding Browsers, Servers, and Databases

    Static vs. dynamic web pages 5:58 4.0 MB
    Selecting an application server 4:51 3.7 MB
    Selecting a database 6:48 4.9 MB

    2. Installing Required Software

    Introducing Apache, MySQL, and PHP 2:51 2.2 MB
    Installing WAMP on Windows 4:34 3.9 MB
    Installing MAMP on Mac OS X 3:04 3.3 MB
    Installing the exercises database 2:25 3.1 MB

    3. Defining a Site with PHP and MySQL

    Setting up the PHP exercise files 1:55 1.7 MB
    Defining a Dreamweaver site 3:50 4.4 MB
    Understanding basic PHP code 2:24 2.4 MB
    Inserting simple PHP commands 2:40 2.9 MB
    Using Live View and Live Code with PHP 2:49 3.1 MB
    Using server-side includes 6:46 7.8 MB
    Defining a database connection 5:31 5.4 MB

    4. Defining a Site with ColdFusion and MySQL

    Installing ColdFusion on Windows 4:38 4.4 MB
    Installing ColdFusion on Mac 5:35 5.0 MB
    Completing the ColdFusion installation 1:22 1.7 MB
    Using the ColdFusion Administrator 4:44 4.9 MB
    Setting up the ColdFusion exercise files 1:44 2.1 MB
    Defining a Dreamweaver site 3:22 4.6 MB
    Understanding basic ColdFusion code 3:30 3.2 MB
    Using Live View and Live Code with PHP 2:00 1.8 MB
    Inserting simple ColdFusion commands 3:25 3.3 MB
    Using server-side includes 7:10 7.5 MB
    Defining a ColdFusion data source 6:47 5.2 MB

    5. Using Bindings and Server Behaviors

    Working with data in PHP and ColdFusion 1:36 1.4 MB
    Using the Bindings and Server Behaviors panels 2:54 1.9 MB
    Building a simple recordset 5:30 6.0 MB
    Building an advanced recordset 5:08 5.7 MB
    Using repeating regions 3:32 3.4 MB
    Generating a dynamic table 4:23 4.8 MB
    Applying string formats 4:32 4.5 MB
    Displaying the total number of records 1:52 1.9 MB
    Limiting the number of records with paging controls 5:58 6.9 MB
    Creating conditional regions 3:39 3.8 MB
    Creating a Master Detail page set 7:32 8.6 MB

    6. Building Data Entry Systems

    Understanding data entry systems 3:47 4.3 MB
    Preparing a record insert form with recordsets 3:38 3.9 MB
    Using the Record Insertion Form wizard 7:17 8.5 MB
    Creating a custom data entry form 7:44 8.9 MB
    Using the Insert Record server behavior 4:26 6.0 MB
    Using the Record Update Form wizard 7:15 9.1 MB
    Displaying existing data in form controls 6:23 7.6 MB
    Using the Update Form behavior 3:14 3.9 MB
    Creating list page links to edit and delete data 3:28 3.6 MB
    Using the Delete Record server behavior 5:58 6.5 MB

    7. Authenticating Users with ColdFusion

    Enabling J2EE sessions in ColdFusion 3:24 3.3 MB
    Creating an Application.cfc file 4:58 4.4 MB
    Creating a login form page for ColdFusion 4:26 5.2 MB
    Logging in with a ColdFusion server behavior 5:02 6.6 MB
    Protecting page access with ColdFusion server behaviors 3:30 3.5 MB
    Logging out with a ColdFusion server behavior 3:08 3.3 MB

    8. Authenticating Users with PHP

    Creating a login form page for PHP 5:17 5.5 MB
    Logging in with a PHP server behavior 2:56 3.7 MB
    Protecting page access with PHP server behaviors 4:18 4.3 MB
    Logging out with a PHP server behavior 3:47 3.4 MB

    9. Validating Forms with Spry

    Understanding client-side form validation 3:48 2.8 MB
    Validating form controls 6:18 6.4 MB
    Laying out the validation user interface 2:55 3.2 MB
    Modifying validation display with CSS 2:47 3.0 MB

    10. Using Spry XML Data Sets

    Creating a Spry XML data set 5:58 6.3 MB
    Generating XML output with ColdFusion 4:19 4.5 MB
    Generating XML output with PHP 4:22 4.7 MB
    Generating HTML output 5:23 6.5 MB
    Creating a Spry table 4:13 4.8 MB
    Formatting Spry tables 4:59 5.7 MB
    Generating a repeating list 3:23 4.2 MB
    Creating a Spry repeating region 4:24 5.1 MB

    11. Creating a Dynamic User Interface with Spry
    Using multiple record sets and displaying multiple dynamic tables 3:49 5.2 MB
    Using a Spry accordion 4:24 5.2 MB
    Using Spry tabbed panels 4:21 5.2 MB
    Using Spry collapsible panels 4:23 5.2 MB
    Using a Spry menu bar 6:05 7.0 MB

    Goodbye 0:53 0.7 MB

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