Коллекция скриптов блогов

Тема в разделе "Автоблоггинг", создана пользователем Sergyk, 16 мар 2009.

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  1. Sergyk


    1 авг 2006
    Тут есть небольшая коллекция скриптов блогов, плюс 20 шаблонов и еще немного полезностей для блогостроения ;)
    Внутри архива е-воок в котором прописаны все ссылки на закачку.
    На вирусы проверял, у меня ничего не показало.
  2. neoncobra

    neoncobra Постоялец

    12 мар 2009
    Слишком уж ты зашифровал свое сообщение
  3. blastery


    6 июн 2007
    Ты бы хоть язык указывал,не все по английски шурупят.
  4. Lexon

    Lexon Постоялец

    20 фев 2008
    а можно поподробнее расписать, какие именно скрипты вошли в коллекцию.:thenks:
  5. Leonid777

    Leonid777 Постоялец

    16 мар 2007

    bBlog - PHP script that is used to run your blog directly from your own site space. This script falls under the GNU License and comes with everything you need to get started with it including links to help.

    BlogBuddy v0.5 - Simple desktop application that lets you easily post new entries to your Blogger blog without actually going to the Blogger website. It is for use with Windows OS only at this time. You can get more details by visiting: http://blogbuddy.sourceforge.net/

    Blog CGI 1.1 - Nice little blog script for those who don't or can't use PHP. Comes with instructions included inside the script itself so you can follow along. It is free to distribute but comes with absolutely NO warranty, guarantee, or support either from it's creator/author or E-Book Emporium.

    BLOG v1.51 Beta - A PHP Open Source Diary/Journal/Blog Script that can be used in addition to the blogging solution you are initially using and comes with instructions and links to more help with it.

    bMachine v2.7 - Boast Machine is a very simple blog creation PHP script you can use to create a blog straight from your website. It includes all installation and special instructions to use it and is quite versatile with many different features. Considered Freeware.

    Blog Mod v0.2.0 - PHP blogging script you can use to begin your own blog from your website. Complete with installation guide and all files, plus a link to the main site of author. Falls under the GNU License and can be distributed freely.

    CJ Tag Board v3.0 - Add a tag board to your blog with this easy to use and configure PHP script. Comes with installation instructions and everything you need and is considered Freeware.

    Coffee Cup Blog Machine 2.0 - Blog Machine allows you to create, edit and publish your blog entries to the server where your webBlog is located. Blog Machine works with all major weBlog services that support the Blogger xml-rpc engine.

    Diary2002 CGI - This is a very, very simple CGI script and only has 1 file and can be used to keep your own online journal or diary from your website. Comes with install instructions and is Freeware.

    New Life Blogger v2.5.1 - PHP blogging script that comes with pre made templates, install instructions, and all necessary files to begin running your blog directly from your own website. Falls under the GNU License and can be distributed freely.

    PsychoBlogger Beta v1 - PHP blogging script complete with default templates for use with it, installation guide, all files necessary to set up and run your blog from your own website. Falls under the GNU License and can be redistributed freely.

    Tag It! Tag Board v1.4.2 - Nice PHP tag board script that allows you to filter out profanity! Comes with installation instructions and all necessary info and files. It is Freeware.

    wBloggar v3.0.3 - Simple application that sits on your desktop and helps you easily post new entries to your blog giving you several different solution options such as Blogger and others to choose from. It even comes in 10 other languages besides english, though english is the version available for download within Blog In A Box. wBloggar is Freeware and can be distributed freely without change.

    Ublog Microsoft Access Version - PHP script you can use to run your blog from your own website space using MS Access. Falls under the GNU License and comes with all documentation.

    Ublog MySQL version - Same as above but a version for use with MySQL.

    Zomplog v2.2 - Simple PHP script that maintains a small learning curve by keeping everything plain without lots of extras for those wanting a simple and easy to use blogging script.

    Остальное - там мануалы и шаблоны...
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