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  1. ReBeL

    ReBeL Злобный старикашка

    3 май 2006

    [​IMG]icture this... You have an idea. You're interested in the 'Golf' niche and you want to create a video website on this niche. Why? Simply because you're aware that people looking for information about Golf would like to see video training and any other visual information, and you also know that you will increase your bottom line while keeping satisfied visitors on your site. ​
    Here is the 'Old Way' (and sadly, the unique way currently) of building such a site:

    - Search the Internet for videos related to Golf
    - Search keywords
    - Design the website
    - Manually create each page for each keyword
    - Insert javascript code (not indexed by the search engines) to display a video on your site
    - Insert some ads
    - Link all the pages together hoping that your optimized linking will attract the search engines
    - Wait while the search engines find and index 10 of your web site's pages - Beg other webmasters to link back to your site in exchange of something...
    How much time will that take to complete the process? 2 to 3 hours if you're good..2 or 3 days if you're new...
    Your site is now indexed and receives 2 or 3 visitors a day. Do you think it's over? Read on...
    - Find more new videos
    - Manually update your existing pages to remove previous videos
    - Add more code in order to display new videos
    - Remove old keyword pages
    - Create new pages
    - Recreate the whole linking structure
    Estimated time: 1 to 2 hours...a day...or more!
    To complete this picture, keep in mind that you've only built ONE SINGLE Video Niche Web site...
    As we are fond of saying: Rinse and Repeat. Are you going to enjoy repeating all these tasks...twice, 3 times, 10 times...a month?

    What if you could do all the above tasks and much much more hundreds of times a day with a Set and Forget mentality? ...(instead of once a day or every other day for each niche web site?)

    What if you could build a multimedia website in virtually no time without EVER worrying about:

    • Finding new content
    • Researching keywords
    • Optimizing pages
    • Optimizing your linking structure
    • Updating all your sites
    • Build link back to your site (we call them Backlinks)

    Ну и обучающий видеокурс =)
    Revenge-R нравится это.
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